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Posted by Mark Surkin on Apr 3, 2020 4:06:58 PM
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Like many others, we've been brainstorming ways we can help, and wanted to share some of the great resources and ideas we've come across or come up with. 

First off, we’d like to make ourselves available to anyone who needs help finding the new normal for your business and identifying opportunities to optimize when the events industry gets rolling again. No cost, no strings attached. With the events side of Dineable paused, our team of chefs, technologists, event planners, and business experts are ready to help you find your footing. Schedule some time with us for a review, brainstorm, & assessment.


Here’s that list of ideas and resources we mentioned:
  • Food Industry COVID 19 Support Resources - Collaborative google sheet by Food & Tech Connect.
  • Food Safety & Coronavirus: A Comprehensive Guide by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt of Serious Eats.
  • Start pre-orders for remote Easter and Passover celebrations! Create menus for each holiday that families in different houses could order as packages for a shared experience.
  • Create cook-at-home meal kits based on some of your menu items and add them to your menu on your ordering platform. You could even record a companion video to share on social media of your chef prepping & cooking the dish.
  • Any business with a professional kitchen can become a local grocery-- or donate excess produce & pantry items to food pantries and homeless shelters (link). You may have staples in your walk-in or pantry that people can't find in their local grocery store! Package them in family sizes and sell through your ordering platform.
  • Stop adding plastic silverware and napkins to every order by default. Especially now, most people don't need it, and it wastes your money and puts more single-use plastic into the environment. Instead add an option (deselected by default) for disposable silverware and napkins to your ordering platform.
  • Restaurants & venues, sell your toilet paper! Seriously… your guests can’t come in and use the bathroom, so if you’ve got extra TP laying around, sell it by the roll for a fair price.
  • Sell your gift cards through sites like Love Your Local and Support Local.
  • Caterers & venues with kitchens, consider setting yourself up as a ghost kitchen to offer takeout / delivery.
  • Facilitate meal donations & relief funds - Create meal packages on your ordering platform that benefit your customers, community, staff, and business all at once! For example, sell a takeout meal that also includes the cost of a meal donation to your local hospital, and a relief fund donation for your staff (which you could set up on gofundme or a similar platform or use an existing fund). 
  • If you can, set up a drive through window! Fast food doesn’t have to own drive through business. If your restaurant has a window by a street or parking lot, it may be an easy way to facilitate pickup orders with limited contact.
  • Understand your event contracts - Reach out to great event planners like Lou Morocco and Jill Anwaar for help navigating contracts when rescheduling events.
  • Use any extra time to work on your businesses' staff training programs. We can help.
  • Plan for ways your business can be even more efficient when life starts up again. We’re offering free consultations.
  • Want to get some exposure by being a guest on our podcast, Hold the MustardSet up a time to chat.
  • Do you work with BEOs as part of your job (current situation notwithstanding)? We want to learn from you. Set up a time to chat.

Need some help implementing any of these ideas or brainstorming what’s best for you? Reply to this email anytime or click the button below:

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It’s encouraging to me to see how so many people across the world are coming together to combat this virus and help each other along the way. As some of you may know, I’m a space & sci-fi nerd. The story of the International Space Station is the single greatest example of global collaboration we’ve ever had, and ISS research drives important innovations from healthcare to water purification and more. 

Each year, astronauts from countries all over the world travel to Russia to blast into space on rockets that were originally designed as intercontinental ballistic missiles. The ISS has been continuously inhabited for 20 years, which means it’s been 20 years since every single human in existence was actually living on Earth. 

Think about that: People are living in space right now, because humanity for once ignored borders and worked together to achieve something focused on advancement rather than on winning. If we can do it in space, we can do it here on Earth and get past this virus together.

Hope to hear from you soon.

All the best,
Mark Surkin, CEO, Dineable

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